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Disclaimer: Some of  the material on or associated with this page was taken from various sources of unknown origin. Some was taken from Misc.emerge-services when using mosaic on X-Windows (UNIX not a porno browser dammit!) was the only way to browse the WWW. The author when known has been credited . Submissions, although credited when requested, become the property of The Lunatick. The Views, opinions and general postings on this page do not reflect the views opinions and general attitude of the employers, friends, family, partners, distant cousins, barely aquainted, enemies or just strong dislikers of The Lunatick or the individual submitters to this page.  OK now that we have covered our ass, (the golden rule of ems : Documentation is everything, if you didn't document it you didn't do it)enjoy.

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We Shall Never Forget




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Emergency sounds:  Sounds from the old TV Show Emergency.  If you don't know what the TV show is, you haven't been around very long in the system.  KMG-365 out!

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St51.wav- the Activation Claxon.
I wish this was the truth

Not emergency but the guys will love it (sorry ladies)
I need a siren like this!!! (thanks HENRY )




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