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Daffy Dispatches

How many times have you gotten a call and said," What moron took this call?!?!!?"  Because the call type and the actual call were miles apart.  well give me your best cause here it is.

Me and my partner get dispatched to a "critical Asthmatic" upon arrival we find a elderly women lying on the floor in no Resp Distress.  The women asks us if we could move her walker closer so she can get up and get back into bed, she had placed it too far from the bed.  We assist the women ask if she has any problems etc etc. She said she only needed help getting up, so 1 last question "ma'am do you happen to have asthma?"  The answer of course was "no".

Gotta love those dispatchers. Me and my partner were called to a rural area for what was dispatched as "a man stuck in a tree" Well when we got there, he was stuck in a tree, wrapped up in what was left of a Caprice Clasic that looked like a Cavalier! You just never know whatcha gonna get into!

3 calls come down at a high school in Brooklyn.  The first is a "injury", the second a "sick"  and the 3rd which my partner and I get sent too is "Difficulty breathing".  All 3 units arrive at the same time to find a 17 year old male with a GSW to his neck right on the atom's apple and no PD in sight.  Technically the patient was injured, and having difficulty breathing and he was so sick he died, but you would think with 3 calls 1 dispatcher would get it right?!?!?!?



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