I created this page with the help of a friend back in 1996 when the web was still young.  I was a fresh college grad and unemployed.  So I used this page to channel my creative energy.  It had only a few things on it. I had maybe 4 strange stories, 60 rules of EMS, the rather small abbreviation list that Henery Troupe started.  After a few months I tossed up a counter to see how many hits I was getting.  At first it went to a few hundred then a thousand or so.  Then I don't know what happened but the counter started jumping by leaps and bounds and the submissions started pouring in. 

So then I added to the page and it just kept growing.  I put notices up to submitters about updates, and every time I came up with a new category the submissions just started coming.  The counter hit over 70,000 in 1998 and was taken down by my ISP which disallowed cgi on all accounts of the company they had bought hoping people would switch to their costlier accounts.  It didn't matter much at that point, I knew that the page was popular.  Then a friend pointed me to this article on about.com, a tie for #1 most popular EMS site.  Not bad at all.

Then this year (2001)  I started growing beyond the meager space provided on my account and decided to open a new site.  The domain name was easy to figure out and surprisingly still available.

I want to thank all the submitters and well wishers I have heard from over the past years.  Without you this site literally would not exist in it's present form.  It would just be a minor EMS humor site run by a lunatick paramedic toiling in obscurity.

I have received suggestions about printing this site on dead trees (um books), merchandising (anyone else interested in T-shirts?).  While I have yet to create any page specific merchandise we do have The Lunatick's Fire and EMS store where you can purchase Stethoscopes, patches, buff shirts or have custom patches made up.

In 2005 the page was down briefly when our web provider up and left without warning. while we lost all the photos in the gallery and the forum submissions the page was backed up locally.  On that note after a huge negative campaign of all the people left in the lurch our old provider reopened shop.  I would recommend avoiding Super.nu as a provider.  The support is none, he basically opened shop to avoid thousands perhaps millions of dollars in lawsuits because of broken contracts.

If you have any comments, suggestions, requests, submissions, or you just wanna say HI, Please feel free to Visit our forums  This page is for you.

Thank you for a great 9 years and hopefully many more


Well it's almost 2010 now. The store has been completely redesigned with it's own site now (thelunatickstore.com) . After I finish the new store this site is due for a major overhaul. I don't want to claim to b the oldest fire and ems site in continued existance but I know of no others. Again thanks for the support over now 14 years and we continue to be around for many more.

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