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by Eric Levdahl

I try to save this child but he's met his fate.
His innocent eyes are void of hate.
He and his father weren't walking far
When they were both struck down by a drunkard's car.
This night I know I will not sleep.
These terrible images my mind will keep.
I know these nightmares linger near.
And yet still I volunteer.

Her eyes well up - compress the chest
Say a silent prayer - then two quick breaths.
She's done this many times before,
This fight for life kneeling on the floor.
But this time it's her best friend's mom
Whose lifeless body she is working on.
This call like others will end in tears,
And yet still she volunteers.

>From slumber woke by a siren's wail
He rushes out in bitter gale.
While others sleep this stormy night,
A raging blaze this man will fight.
He bravely puts himself in danger
To save the home of a total stranger.
Body cold and tired, he feels his years,
And yet still he volunteers.

We train, we test, we do our best.
We give an awful lot of time
And don't get paid a single dime
Thanks is a word we seldom hear.
And yet still we volunteer.



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