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How many times have you been in your truck on just on a scene and heard the most ridiculous thing and wish you had it on tape.  well here is a place to post it at least. Beginning with my favorites.  BTW: names and units have sometimes been changed to protect the stupid (unless it was me).

At the 1995 LI (NY)  wildfires:

Unknown unit: I got it, I know what we need. We need more chief's cars in the woods, that will put the fire out! (followed by mass exodus of chief's cars)

At 3am:
Probie: I didn't know the sun rose at this hour
Me: It doesn't
Probie: than what is that glow in the east
Me: The fire
Probie: Urk....


On The Radio:

Dispatch to: XXXXXXXXXX ems be enroute to 4th house on XXXXXXX person in
floor with severe back pain
EngineXXX: we're enroute 4th house from where!
Dispatch: 4th house on XXXXXXX caller also advised on left and address not marked.
EngineXXX: 10-4 but from what cross street.(that road has alot of unmarked addresses)
Dispatch: from XXXX road
EngineXXX: received in area!
EngineXXX: on scene establishing command!
Dispatch: 10-4









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