Ways to torture your officers

  1. Put Your Corp on The Web Without telling them.
  2. Call Them up and tell them something happened to HQ or one of the rigs.
  3. Create a Joke document that resembles the bylaws or rules and distribute it to all the probies (see Role Of The Motley SBVAC Crew)
  4. Have them paged at any time in the early morning to call HQ and tell they it was just to say HI.
  5. Tie them in a stokes basket, fly them up a flagpole and salute them.
  6. Jack up the drive tires of their car when they are on call, just enough to keep them off the ground (also good for torturing the mechanic).
  7. Tell them the stunts you are going to pull with a big smile on you face. They will yes you to death and never believe you are serious(makes a good defense when you get called in the officers room).
  8. If it is a buffy officer activate a radio test and watch them jump.
  9. Put in requisitions for ridiculous equipment and make like you are serious.
  10. Tie them up and leave them somewhere.
  11. Have another officer call a radio station at 2 am on 4/1 and pull a joke call.
  12. Submit an incident report on an accident telling them how you already fixed the damage and watch them believe it.
  13. Tell them all the nasty things you are going to do to your probie.
  14. Let the probie tell them all the nasty things you did to them.
  15. Moon them from the ambulance.

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