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And so it was decreed that the God motorola requires sacrifices of food and drink every shift.(see Observations of a ridealong)

And on this day my partner and I did lay a sacrifice of sprite upon the alter of that god. But lo he rejected our offering and smited us with his Wrath most foul.
First he did remove in part his gift MDT be thy name. with flashing and dimming for the indicator of thy channels so that we could neither transmit or receive the data that we do through his good will.
Wise were we and we bypassed error and screen so that we could once more obtain the data we need. Escape his wrath we had or so we thought.

Maddened by such impudence in the face of his wrath he undid our correction and once more denied us the fruits of his gifts. Then to further punish us for our offense he bid his servant NEXTEL to flee us. Never again did we see the wondrous gift of his direct connect. Robbed of the most wondrous of his gifts were we. Saved only by the minor deity GE so that we could at least receive our required data verbally.

And so let it be known to one and all Never mock the GOD Motorola for it is through his gifts that we operate.

Or for an easier moral never spill soda on the radio guts of your MDT or it will short out and then your NEXTEL will get stolen.

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