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Strange sightings!

I am looking for strange pictures of fires.  I.E images found in smoke and flames.  like the flame spiraling into the image of a woman (which will be up here when I get the pict from a friend).
Also funny pictures as seen below.

if you have a scanner please keep the size to <75Kbytes

If you don't e-mail me and we can make arrangements


165pa.jpg (19278 bytes)
Kind of looks like a Pterodactyl

146pa.jpg (21201 bytes)
The Dragon rises (same fire as Left a few min difference)

Above pictures originally from San Jose Firefighters.


ItMeansNOPARKING.jpg (44801 bytes) Yeah Another one like the visa commercials!

First Fire2.JPG (50015 bytes)
A newbies first fire. Can you spot the mistakes?


Montana Fire.jpg (75515 bytes)

The Montana fire.  It just looks cool.


Big Wiz.jpg (41742 bytes)

Needs no caption (Thanks Capt. Ron)

Just cool (Thanks Capt. Ron)



The Dragon rises



 Nice to know these towers really can stabilize on anything.


 Old FDNY Ladder 158


This is just COOL!
Nice sunset Picture from Alaska!




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