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You Might Be a ScannerHead if...... (from My partner Jason)

...there's a car accident outside your house, and instead of rushing outside to offer assistance, you rush into the radio room to hear it
being dispatched on the scanner. know what fire station is being dispatched by listening to the pager tones. start reading plates by the police phonetics. quickly translate a vanity plate read in phonetics. have a 'favorite' dispatcher. curse the newspaper for not printing anything about what you heard last night. know at least 15 vehicle/penal code sections. yell at TV shows that use scanners in place of 2-way radios. (hello' Starskey & Hutch'?) promise to sell your old scanner when you upgrade, do you find a convenient use for it SOMEWHERE? can rattle off at least 10 local PD/Fire freqs by memory. put off everything on Saturday night to see "COPS". have twin spotlights on your car. know exactly when you are leaving one 'beat' and entering another. ever forgot to answer your telephone because you thought it's the scanner picking up on another phone call. answer the scanner when the officer/fire/medic crew asks for the numeric on their call. run out of room on your belt to carry your handhelds at the hamfest. frequently chat with the little old ladies at the beauty shop to try to confirm gossip you hear from people's cordless phones.'ve got more antennas on your car than the Command Post Van.

...Officers ask you to program their new trunk tracker. have more than one scanner at home to hear multiple calls at the same time

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