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Alternate meanings for everyday abbreviations.


ACR- Another Court Report

AIDS - Ambulance Induced Divorce Syndrome

ALS- Another Life Saved, Another Life Stilled, Ain't liftin' shit

BLS- Bring Long Splints, Be liftin' shit

BVM- Big Vomit Magnet

DCAP-BTLS - Disheartened Crazy Ambulance Paramedic Broke Trainees Lumbar Spine

DWPA- Death with paramedic assistance

EMS- Earn Money Sleeping, Every Min Sucks

EMT- Every Menial Task, Earn Money Talking, Extraordinary Masochistic Tendencies, Emergency Moron Tech

EMT-D – Every Menial Task Dipshit

EMT-P – Every Menial Task w/Privileges

ETI – Enough Talking, Insert

FDGB-Fall down, go boom

LOLFDGB- Little ol' lady, fall down go boom

NREMT- Never Remembered Every Menial Task

NREMT-B - Never Really Exciting, Maybe Trucking's Better

OPQRST - Omniscient Paramedic Quickly Reinserted Shifted Tube

SAMPLE - Summoned Ambulance, My Prescription Lapsed Earlier

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