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Back in my college days I wrote for the Stony Brook Press Here is a collection of articals I wrote.

Generation X Originally Published (10/6/97)


The Increasing Price of A Decreasing Education(11/6/97)

Git Along little Pres(11/22/97)

The Forgotten Ones (12/6/97)

Zippergate (yes I created that phrase long before anyone else) Originally published 1/25/98

The Road Warrior(2/10/98)

Bevis and Butthead Vs. Barney (3/27/98)

My Quest (9/4/98)

The Administration zone (10/2/98)

Welcome to McUniversity(11/13/98)

Where Have All The Heros Gone (11/21/98)

The Blind Shall Lead Them (12/5/98)

Another one bites the dust(3/19/99)

Backward Day (4/3/99)



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