Ahh Good old SUNY @ Stony Brook, many an article written on this campus has included the phrase, " We were known as the Berkeley or the east".  Well wake up and smell the manure, even Berkeley isn't Berkeley anymore.  Why you ask, because we are "generation X " a generation that stands for nothing (hence the x).

     In the 60's it was the love generation, Us vs. the man.   People protested meaningful things like war and weapons.  Then came the 70's   the disco generation,  they still protested, it was still us vs. them.  Then the 80's was born with Raping Ron as president.  What did we do spend money lots and lots of money, but still people cared.  Now it was the nuclear power plants that were protested as a danger to everyone then the Chernobyl example which started more protests.

     Then came the 90's and what did we do… NOTHING!  Now we protest the cruelty of meat and the harm it brings animals by beating the Shit out of people walking into McDonalds.  Is this an earth shattering cause, No.  Eating meat is nature, the world will not be destroyed if we continue to eat meat, but I digress.   We stand for nothing.  We can't even stand up and say we are apathetic, because we don't care enough.

     It is no longer us vs. them.  We want to be them, we want to control them, but we don't want to work for it.   We don't care enough to work hard.  So we invent the get rich quick scheme, the lawsuit.  Ah yes easy money.  Years ago if you spilt hot coffee on yourself you said you were a fool.  Now, you sue the car manufacturer for putting cup holders in the car, and the restaurant for serving "hot" coffee.   It gets better.  Burn down your house, you can still make money.  Sue the builders, the electriction , the plumber or even the firefighters for not putting the fire out efficiently enough, it's been done.

     Nothing is our fault.  We are the generation that didn't grow up.  We commit a crime, it is our parent's fault, they did something bad to us when we were younger.  If we don't remember what it was then we are repressing it.  Murder 10 people, it's because my father molested me when I was a kid… I fail to see the connection (but hey that's me).  If we weren't molested or something like that, our parent's simply didn't raise us properly.

     If anything we don't raise our kids properly.  We expect TV to be our babysitter.  Then get outraged because there is something we don't want them to see.  So instead of telling our child that this is wrong, we try to get it taken off TV.  It shouldn't be on in the first place.  So now we have a rating system for TV shows and a V-chip to block shows.  Why because we can't be responsible for anything.

   We want, we crave, and we desire money and power.  Yet we are lazy.  We don't want to work to achieve it, nor do we want the responsibility that comes with these things.


My challenge to you is to prove me wrong, but you won't.  Because you didn't even read this BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.


The Lunatick's Ravings



Copyright  1997 The Lunatick