The Lunatick's Ravings

The Forgotten Ones


     We are the forgotten ones the odd, the strange the deviant.   We are the December graduates.  We do not follow the mainstream.  We get no ceremony, no pomp, no circumstances.  We get a Tea party.  How very British of an American university.   We do not get a grand showing of the hard work we put in.  We get a quiet and dignified tea.  A, well I guess we should do something for them to throw them a bone. Of course you also receive the option to come back in the spring for the real ceremony.

     That grants us the ability to wear a tassel with the wrong graduation year.  By my calculations if you graduate in December 97 you are still class of 97 not 98.  You don't even attend classes in 98.  What the hell, it's close enough for government work, and this is a government institution.

     Why do we graduate in December?  For two main reasons: We worked hard and actually graduated early (what drugs have I been on).  We couldn't get the into the proper classes to graduate in the previous May and the classes weren't offered over the summer (the more typical USB answer, that is why all the permits and ID's last 5 years).

What awaits us after graduation? (copyrighted Cartoon Caption on door "real life 101"  opens to brick wall)

 That about sums it up.  If you were lucky enough you found a job.  However that is a difficult task in December.  Most companies expect people in May.   If you were smart you started looking in September.  If not I pity you.  With luck you will have a jump on the May graduates.  However I suggest you start practicing this phrase, "You want Fries with that?" because that is probably where you will end up.  I got lucky and had a job fall in my lap, but not until May. 

     We are the forgotten ones.  We slip through the cracks in the system and have to put our lives on pause until the mainstream catches up on us.  Even if you go to some graduate school, you will still end up waiting until September.  Unless you happen to be lucky enough to find one that allows you to start in spring semester.   

     If you are unfortunate enough to be one of the forgotten ones I wish you luck.  I also leave you with this poem.  If you are lost let it guide you.  You may never know where life will lead you, but never give up the hope of fulfilling your dreams. 


The Uncharted Horizon

I look to the future

The uncharted horizon

I go in a single direction

Forward into the unknown

I can see where I’ve been

Though I can never return

Instead I draw strength from whence I came

I use it as the force that propels me forward

My course is unknown

Yet I move forward.

I look to the direction of my travels

But my vision is unclear

I know not what lies in my path

But I shall fear it not

For life is an adventure

Into the uncharted horizon.


Enjoy Winter Break,  Congratulations graduates, and remember, these are nothing more than the ravings of The Lunatick.



Copyright 1997 The Lunatick