Custom Patch Design, Patch embroidery

The Lunatick Custom Patch design and embroidery


We can design a patch for your organization based on your sketches or take your already prepared design and produce the patch for you.

We deal factory direct to provide you with the lowest prices.

Prices vary on size, complexity of design and number so contact us for a quote

For a quote use our quote request form Here.
Remember to include:

  • Quantity of patches you need (minimum is 50)
  • size of patch
  • Artwork  the image must be 150 dpi at 1/2 the actual size of the patch or additional charges will apply
  • % embroidery
  • Any other options (heat seal, self adhesive)
  • consult our price guide.


Patches can be created from your artwork or preexisting patch. 

  • They must be at least 150 dpi and at least 1/2 the size of the intended patch (i.e. a 4x3 patch must have a 2x1.5 image.
    A 1x1 image for a 5x5 patch is unacceptable because there is too much pixilation and the image would have to be recreated from scratch). 

  •   All artwork not meeting these requirements will be subject to conversion charges

For new designs a rough sketch or detailed description will be required to design a patch.  They will take an average of 2 weeks to produce a proof for your approval.  Requests that simply say design me a patch with a XXXX theme doesn't give us enough information additional charges will apply









General Price Guides

Prices are per patch for 70% embroidery:

and for 100% embroidery

To estimate patch size Add length and height and divide by 2.  Round up to the nearest half.

Additional charges

Add $0.03 per inch per patch for heat seal backing
Add $0.04 per inch per patch for Self adhesive backing (i.e a 4" patch you would add $0.16 per patch)

Prices above are provided as a guide and may be higher or lower than actual cost of production.  Prices do not include shipping costs.

Artwork is billed by our graphic designers and is a separate charge.  Rates are decided solely by them.



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