The Lunatick's Ravings




     Unless you have been living in a cave far removed from civilization you have all heard about the Bubba Bill getting some.  Yep President Clinton supposedly had "sexual relations" with an intern.  All in all not that big of a deal, but the way the media is treating it you would think he committed high treason.

     I know the big deal isn't the adultery (let's face it adultery unfortunately seems to becoming an expected and almost accepted occurrence in today's society).  The problem is he allegedly lied about it.  This is an opportunity too good to miss for the Republicans.  

     I have nothing against the Republicans, but let's face it, they have been trying to get Bill out since he got elected.  First it was Jennifer Flowers, then The Whitewater affair (which after years still isn't over) then Paula Jones, but now they have something semi-solid, even though the evidence is circumstantial at best.  "The president and the intern have been seen alone in areas of the White House together", per most news stations (Now if they were alone how did anyone see them?).   If the allegations are proven, Congress will be looking for the president's resignation. Give me a break, Clinton is far from the first President to cheat on his wife and I am sure he will be far from the last.  How many stories and tell all books about JFK are there?  FDR was another President who has strayed from the path a few times.

     Adultery is common anyway.  There are very few people out there who wouldn't cheat given half a chance.  Conventions are a Bangfest.  The general rule is whatever happens there stays there.  Those that didn't get any at the convention probably just couldn't find anyone.   The work place is also a great way to cheat.  Find me an office that doesn’t have a story of someone getting caught in the middle of it, or at least have coworkers come back from lunch totally unkempt.

    The Point here being that the president is usually a leader or a reflection of society.   So why should Clinton be different from anyone else?  It's just a big deal because he is the president.  So what!  Does it effect how he does his job.  I don't know about you but I would be doing my job a lot better if I got a BJ break, instead of a coffee break.  Last time I checked Clinton wasn't doing too badly.  Unemployment is down, Consumer confidence up, the economy overall has improved, and until recently our relations with other countries were improved.  The item that altered relations was of course this little alleged affair.

     So what is the point of all this?  Same old Bull Shit story, Politics!   It was even reflected in the state of the union address.  Things are much improved.  Hell Old Bubba was even nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  How many president's have been given that honor? Yet Congress was very reserved in their remarks about Clinton's speech.  Maybe it's just me but I think the only one's that are truly going to pay for this scandal is the American people.  Our tax dollars at work.  Spending a lot of money and time and getting nowhere fast.  Get some integrity you son's of bitches and actually represent the American people (after all you are representatives) and not your own special interests.  So I live in a dream world, but what do you expect from a raving Lunatick?




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