The Lunatick's Ravings

My holy pilgrimage (or how I spent my summer vacation)


     Well welcome back everyone,  have you eaten lately?  Does the food taste any better?  As you all know by now we are no longer being served food by Aaramark (vomit).  FSA has put a new contractor in place to shovel the slop that they refer to as food onto our plates.  I have already sampled Chadwicks (or whoever they are) and I can say I am not impressed.  Anyway this is not the point of our story.

     Our story is of my pilgrimage to pay final respects to the food service which introduced us to the (dis?)advantage meal plan.  That's right people I traveled to Philadelphia, City of brotherly love, birthplace of the cheesesteak , our country and HQ of Aaramark.  My purpose, to do something appropriate to repay Aaramark for all they did for us.

     In all fairness Aarmark wasn't all bad.  I remember when they first came to campus (it was my first year).  The food was actually decent.  In those days Humanities Café was the best place in the academic buildings to eat and the Psyc-a-deli still existed.  I remember I was surprised on how good food was for campus venue anyway.  So the prices were outrageously high compared to the outside world, the quality was about on par.  The quality started dropping after the first year or soon after (at least in my humble opinion).  I think they got too comfortable, the honeymoon was over time to let the facade fall, and the real company shine through.  We all remember what that lead to.  Student requests not being met, the opening and closing of a 24 hour facility and of course the infamous Advantage meal plan (which FSA also should share the blame for, but we are stuck with them).   Ok so now that I gave Aarmark a fair shake let the story continue.

     My trip out there was relaxing, not much traffic and a minimum of State Troopers.  So I was able to complete the trip in just over 2 hours (don't ask me how fast I was going my &#^$%# speedometer only goes up to #&^$*#@ ^ '85).   So Along the way I was trying to think of what to do.  A bomb would be a bit excessive and would take out to many innocent peons and not enough management.  I doubted I could organize a demonstration, besides the only USB student there was me and even if I promised free pizza, and supplied transportation I would only get 2or 3 students from this apathetic university.   Besides all that that wasn't interesting enough, I was looking for appropriate.

     So I went about a block or 2 from the liberty bell and stared at the building in the Philly Skyline.  Then I realized that the building was not lit at night.  So I launched my plan. I stopped in at the local sports store and purchased repelling gear and a grappling hook..  Then to the local hardware store for 20 cans of yellow spray paint.

     I waited to nightfall and went into action.  I launched my hook to the top of the building and quickly climbed to the roof.  I set up my repelling gear and put the spray paint cans in pouches and left my mark on Aaramark.  I think from the picture I took of my handiwork you will agree that the payback was appropriate.  So with my mission complete I headed home to write up this little story of my trip.

     Ok so I didn't really spray paint the building, it was more like some creative work with a graphic editor.  I also didn't travel all the way to Philly just to get some revenge on Aaramark.  I have better things to do with my life than waste time with petty revenge.  But since I was in Philly I though this would make a pretty funny back to school prank for you guys.  I actually did release some of my aggressions on Aaramark, I simply committed the simple act of spitting on the building.  Just a little example of my disgust for this company.

     So now that being said let's see what new complaints come with Chadwicks.  I am sure none of us will be overjoyed with the new service.   For no other reason that the simple fact that you can't please everyone, especially not college students.  But what do I know, for these are just the Ravings of The Lunatick.



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