The Lunatick's Ravings

Bevis and Butthead and Barney, So different yet the same.


     Bevis, Butthead, and Barney, what in hell could these two shows have in common.  Well I'll tell ya.   They are both brainless, mind-numbing shows, that their target audience loves, and most adults hate.

     Let's take Barney first.  I looked all over the internet for research on Barney, what did I find?  Hundreds and hundreds of  I hate Barney pages, and 2 pages that only advertises Barney.  I love you, you love me, let's all kill Barney, with a hack, and a whack and a really big chainsaw, no more purple dinosaur.   All adults would love to see this.  Agent Mulder of the X-files calls Barney "the most heinous, and evil force of the 20th century."  However the Kids all love Barney!  They spend their days worshipping this big purple throwback to the Paleozoic that sickens the rest of us.   Kids turn their brains off and are mesmerized by this show.  Love and cuddling  and sweetness oh BARF!  I pity the poor parents that have to sit through it for the sake of their kids happiness.  I couldn't stomach 5 min, much less the whole show.  I must have lost a significant number of bran cells just watching it.  Does Barney have any redeeming features? NO!  This show just entertains our kids.  It's not like Sesame Street that also educates, it just nauseates.  Oh wait, it does help push all the Barney merchandise.   Yes all the money adults that hate this show are forced to buy to silence the screams of their tots.  So now they have to hear the songs of love and happiness all the time.  It's torture and it's hell.

. Bevis and Butthead also is brainless and mind-numbing but at least it promises that from the beginning. "Bevis and Butthead are not role models.  They're not even human.  They're cartoons.   Some of the things they do would cause a person to get hurt, expelled, arrested, possibly deported.  To put it another way.  Don't do this at home....... " is the current message at the beginning of the show.   The original one basically said they were two stupid, idiotic kids, "but they make us laugh anyway."   Cards on the table this show is dumb but funny.  Teenagers and college students love it.  I found it a great way to veg after a major exam.  Something I could sit back and laugh at without having to use any brain cells.   This show has no benefits just like Barney, (save the mental wellbeing of all high school and college students).  Just like Barney, Bevis and Butthead have a ton of merchandise to push, and they do it well.  Adults also hate Bevis and Butthead.  Also like all other shows they can't understand they blame it for the ruination of our youth.  Give me a break.   I didn't see one bit of anti-Bevis and Butthead stuff, but a ton of anti-Barney.  Adults aren't forced to view the mind-numbing antics of our favorite buttmunchers.    However they want it off the air.  

 To them Bevis and Butthead are the "most heinous, and evil force of the 20th century".

     So both Bevis and Butthead and Barney have no redeeming value and are brainless mind numbing shows.  However one is cute and nauseating and the other disgusting (sometimes to nauseating extremes) and crude.  Two shows, so different yet so alike, but don't believe me see for yourself if you can stomach it.     If you still think I am crazy remember these are only the ravings of The Lunatick


Copyright 1998 The Lunatick