The Lunatick’s Ravings

Announcing: Backwards day An attempt to improve Faculty/Student relations that may actually work



     Well while you were packing to go home or had already left the Friday before spring break our administration was actually hard at work.  They were working on the problem on how to improve Faculty/Student relations.   Well ladies and gentlemen we all know my love for the administration but I actually like this idea and think it might work.  The thing is it’s not even a new idea, like almost everything else good in this era it is a retread of an old idea: Backwards day.

     Here is the concept.  On May 3rd the Faculty/staff and students partially switch places.  No the students don’t teach classes but I think you might like the perks.  My fellow commuters our cries have been heard.  The Staff and Faculty on that day have to park in the South-P lot and we get to park in the Faculty/Staff lots.  The residents also get to park in the staff lots as well with no fear of getting ticketed.  However the staff will get ticketed if they park anywhere but one of the commuter lots.  This means for one day the staff actually gets to see what we have to put up with in parking miles from campus and adding the bus time onto our commute.  We actually get to walk to our classes (Ok so we will have to fight for parking spaces but I’d rather do that than park in South-P).  And get this even our “beloved” president Shirley Kenny  the 1st will park in South-P and take the bus like the rest of the common horde.

     For all of the “extreme sports” lovers, Campus Police will be handing out Skateboarding and Rollerblading passes.  You will be able to carry on these activities unmolested.  There are provisions to this.  You still are not allowed to use the buildings to do stunts, but hey some progress is better than none.  Maybe we can have Coke built a stunt arena for boarders and bladers.  He if we are stuck with them for the next 10 years maybe they could do more for us than provide soda machines that have the pretty “Seawusses” oops that’s “Seawolves” Logo.

     It’s not over yet folks.  The administrators will for one day have to adapt the rules for employees that Walt Disney Co. uses.  For those of you unfamiliar with these rules I will try to summarize them.  The rules are built along the philosophy that customers or in our case students are guests and should be treated as such.  You are required to be kind and helpful.  They even have someone at the door to each location in Disney whose express purpose is to say “HI”. The Guest is also always right and must leave satisfied.  That’s right we are no longer students for that day we are “Guests” and will have to be treated with courtesy and respect.  We also can’t get the royal runaround and will be able to solve our problems in one day and not 3 weeks of seeing people and running around with various useless pieces of paper that have to be signed so you can get what you want.  In other words the administrators are going to have to be HELPFUL and run around for you instead of making you do things in the typical bureaucratic fashion of this instution. This might be crossing the line for this campus maybe it should be called “Twilight Zone Day” instead of “Backwards Day”   it would be much more appropriate (that is where I think I am going to be on the 3rd).

     So kind of amazing.  I mean the hell with the day itself just the fact that the administration is actually taking steps to try to improve relations between Staff and Students is impressive enough to me.  Add the impact of the resolutions and I am flabbergasted.   I mean this is unheard of steps that they are taking.  Giving up their parking, being nice and helpful.  I don’t believe it. If I were you I wouldn’t believe it either.  I mean a helpful, and courteous staff what is this April Fools day.  Oh wait it is.  Granted I have suggested this idea for real in the past to the Marburger administration and it was of course ignored.  But come on this actually happing???????  Never it is just the idle ravings of The Lunatick.



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