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The Ultimate Adventure

Going forth into the unknown.

Having absolutely no idea what lies ahead.

That is the ultimate adventure.

When do you truly not know what lies ahead?

In exploring an unknown jungle, you know you will find trees.

Exploring a cave you will find rocks and dirt.

The ocean you will find fish.

In all of life we have some idea,

Some concept of what lies ahead

Our imagination is a powerful tool.

It crafts many possibilities so little is totally unexpected.

There is always some certainty to life.

There are those that spend their lives preparing for the "unexpected".

Yet they fool themselves for if it was unexpected they couldn't prepare.

There is only one true adventure in life.

One thing which none know what will happen.

Many have experienced it.

Few have ever returned.

Those that have bring back different stories.

Some stories are fantastic, and mythical.

Others are common and boring.

Some bring back tales of darkness and cold.

Others bring back stories of tunnels of light.

Stories of angels and fairies are common as well.

Some find nothing, others everything.

The answer to this all will eventually know.

This adventure is a part of life.

Like yin and yang, darkness and light,

One cannot exist without the other.

Life is a journey, and



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