Where I work:
St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Centers

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My Alma Matter

Where I earned the most useless degree in the world a B.S. in Biology.

Ok so some Real Information.

My Name is Jay. I call myself "The Lunatick" for many reasons.

1. I am a lunatic. My moods and behavior are affected by the cycling of the moon.

2. I can't spell without a spell checker to save my life, so it's kind of an in joke with my friends.

3. I'm just plain INSANE!

4. I am a Pink Floyd fan and made Brain Damage My theme song.

And now Billy Joel agrees with me as his song says "walked through Bedford-Sty alone... It just may be a lunatick you're looking for"

I am A Firefighter and NREMT-P. That's where all the EMS junk comes from. I currently am crazy enough to ride at Coram FD, , and I worked at University Med. Center @ SB EMS as a glorified ambulance driver/Cot Pusher extraordair (To all those people who are EMT's and brag about all they see and do in their jobs I say Bull Shit, If you are a EMT-B for a Paid transport [non 911]  service you are nothing more than a glorified ambulance driver/Cot Pusher, insert pin deflate ego).  I used to work there as an EMT-P at medical control where,"I don't get paid for what I do I get paid for what I know",   I currently work for St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Centers Formerly at St. Mary's in Brooklyn and currently at Mary Immaculate in Queens.


BTW X-Men DVD secrets : under Theatrical trailers select the flower and enjoy a clip featuring the old TV spiderman as he crashes the set.  Under Art Gallery click on wolverine's dogtags and see concept art for Beast and The Blob.

I also dabble in writing (in case you couldn't guess), and write "The Lunatick's Ravings" a column in  the Stony Brook Press.

I also was the first of the "Computer Generation" and have been on the Internet since before you could browse the web using mosaic on X-windows (this is for UNIX computers. Years ago the only way to use the Internet was to know UNIX, unfortunately that has changed). For current linux news see title.gif (3418 bytes)

I.'m also a SCUBA padiglobe.gif (17080 bytes)diver who is always looking for good places to dive. (scuba page and pics under construction)

This page is always Under Construction so check back soon.

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