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Things I’ve heard in EMS classes during my 16 years as a Paramedic instructor....Ginny long RN,EMT-P

EMS is filled with dirty talkers and can be a tough world to survive in. It tends to be filled with many double meaning words and phrases. Simple statements may be misinterpreted by the lay bystander…so be careful what you say. I have always tried to tell students to put the brain in gear before they put their mouths in action! Over the years I have made a collection of things I’ve heard students say that could be taken the wrong way….…….if we all didn’t know better……..hahaha!!! Much of this relates to Intubation and has been heard during practice sessions. I usually us this as an ice breaker for a new group.

1. Which would you rather have?? 10cm or 4 inches??

2. Aren’t you done yet??

3. I’ve seen it done faster!

4. Check your placement boys!

5. Hurry up….. ….she’s not breathing!

6. Push it in….faster

7. Pull it out !

8. Just a half inch more

9. It’s easier if the lights are out!

10. I’ve done it 6 times do I have to Keep practicing

11. Stick it in!

12. Lift it up!

13. Don’t pry……….you’re gonna break something

14. You’ve got 30 seconds to get the job done!!!

15. Hold your breath while you do it

16. Tie it down when you’re done

17. Faster…faster…….faster……

18. Its in too far……..pull back 

19. Too slow boys 

20. Size is important……measure first!

21. If it’s the size of your little finger…it will fit!

22. Stiffen up your tube first

23. Don’t blow on each others tubes

24. Remember your PPE…got your body condom on???

25. It’s too floppy…it will never go in

26. BAM!!! I’m in !

27. Thought I’d never hit the hole

28. It’s simple once you’ve done it!

29. Be gentle!

30. Do you want her to be able to talk when you’re done?

31. You missed……..give her some air and try again!

32. You only get 2 tries…….then it’s the next guys turn

33. You know I’ve only done this once, and it was on a goat!

34. Grease it up first!

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