EMS Buff test



Directions:  Give yourself 1 point for every question that you answer correctly.



If your score is             You are

1 – 20                           Brand new

21 – 40                         Probie

41 – 60                         Experienced

61 – 100                       Buff

101 – 120                     Mega Buff

121 – 160                     Insane

161 – 200                     Without a social life




Your Car

(Note: “your car” refers to your personal vehicle, not an agency vehicle (i.e. first responder vehicles), unless that vehicle is yours for personal use (i.e. Chief cars))


1.      Do you have a scanner in your car?

2.      Is it legal?

3.      Does it have it’s own antenna?

4.      Can it scan in the 800 Mhz range?

5.      Does it stay on even when the car is off?

6.      Do you have the Police Call book (or equivalent) listing all the EMS / Fire / Emergency frequencies for the entire US?

7.      Do you change the frequencies in your scanner when you travel out of state?


8.      Do you have a green / red / blue light in your car?

9.      More than one?

10.  Do you have a card from your agency allowing you to carry one?

11.  A lightbar?

12.  With a color other than yellow lights?

13.  A siren?


        Do you have the following in your car…

14.  Flashlight?

15.  Fire extinguisher?

16.  KED or small back board?

17.  Long back board?

18.  On-board oxygen?

19.  Non-portable radio?


20.  Do you carry a crash kit / trauma bag / first response bag in your car?

21.  Did you actually pay for the equipment in it?

22.  Did your agency?

23.  Would you get in trouble if someone found out how you got that equipment?


24.  Do you carry an oxygen tank in your car? (Scott packs don’t count)

25.  Is it legal?

26.  Do you have the appropriate Hazmat placards on your car?


        BLS equipment: Do you have in your car…

27.  C-Collars?

28.  In all the adult sizes?

29.  Pediatric sizes too?

30.  An adjustable size C-Colloar?


31.  BVMs?

32.  In all 3 sizes?

33.  Are they non-disposable?


34.  Burn sheets?

35.  A full burn kit?

36.  Multi-trauma dressings?

37.  Pediatric BP cuff?

38.  Pediatric Stethoscope?

39.  Band-aids?


40.  OB/GYN kit?

41.  Did you ever use it?

42.  Were you the parent?

43.  Were you the patient?


44.  Suction device?

45.  Is it a real suction unit (Not an inexpensive equivalent (i.e. turkey baster))?


        ALS equipment: Do you have in your car…

46.  Intubation kit?

47.  CO2 detector for the tube?

48.  Both kinds of Laryngoscopes (Miller and Macintosh)?

49.  Are the Laryngoscopes non-disposable?


50.  AED?

51.  With an in-car charger?


52.  Manual defibrillator?

53.  Legally?


54.  IV equipment (i.e. bags, tubing, AND catheters)?

55.  Legally?


56.  Drugs?

57.  Ones that are used for pre-hospital patient care?

58.  Legally?

59.  Controlled substances (i.e. narcotics)?

60.  Legally?


61.  Braselow tape?

62.  Meconium aspirator?

63.  Do you know what one is?


64.  Does your car have the equipment required for a state certified first response vehicle in your state?

65.  For a state certified ambulance?

66.  For a state certified hospital?


67.  Is half (or more) of your trunk space taken up by your EMS equipment?


68.  Do you have a portable radio?

69.  With an in-car charger?

70.  Are you legally allowed to use all the frequencies on it?


71.  Does your car have a shore line (electric power cord to keep the equipment in your car charging)?

72.  Do you have 110 volt AC outlets in your car?

73.  220 volt AC outlets?


74.  Do you have an EMS / Fire related bumper sticker or decal on your car?

75.  More than 2?

76.  More than 5?

77.  More than 10?


78.  Do you have Volunteer Firefighter / Volunteer Ambulance Service / EMT (or the equivalent) license plates?

79.  Are those plates customized with your agencies id number and/or your personal id number (EMT number, agency assigned id, etc.)?


80.  Have you ever gotten out of a parking ticket because of the EMS-related stickers, license plates, and/or lights on your car?

81.  Speeding ticket?

82.  Misdemeanor?

83.  Felony?





84.  Have you ever been on an ambulance call?

85.  More than 2 in a 24 hour period?

86.  More than 5 in a 24 hour period?

87.  More than 10 in a 24 hour period?

88.  More than 20 in a 24 hour period?

89.  More than 50 in a 24 hour period?

90.  Multiple calls for more than 1 agency in a 24 hour period?

91.  Multiple calls for more than 2 agencies in a 24 hour period?


        Have you ever…

92.  Performed CPR?

93.  When not on an ambulance call and not during ambulance / fire shift or duty?


94.  Extricated a patient?

95.  Before the ambulance arrived and without the proper equipment (KED / short spine board)?

96.  Was the patient paralyzed after the extrication?


97.  Performed ALS skills (intubation, manual defibrillation, IVs, drugs)?

98.  Were you certified to do so at the time?

99.  Did you get in trouble for doing so?


100.                       Started an IV on yourself?

101.           Was it to prevent a hangover?

102.                       Given yourself Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to see what it feels like?

103.           Epinephrine?

104.                       Intravenously?

105.           Valium or Morphine?

106.                       Did you go to jail?


107.           Have you ever missed (or been really late) to work/class because you wanted to go on a call?

108.                       Missed a test in your class? –or- Got in trouble at work?

109.                       Missed a final in your class? –or- Missed a major business meeting/trip at work?

110.                       Did it turn out to be minor injury call?


111.           Have you ever stopped at an accident out of your district to help?

112.                       In bad weather?

113.                       In bad traffic or on a highway?

114.                       At an MCI?

115.           Was your car part of that MCI?

116.                       In another state where you weren’t certified?

117.           Did you tell the EMS people there that you were certified?

118.                       Did the patient not appreciate your help?

119.           Did the patient hit you?

120.                       Did you hit the patient back?

121.                       Did you stop on your way to an important event?

122.           Like a wedding?

123.           Your wedding?

124.                       Were you wearing a suit or tuxedo?

125.           Was it wrecked?

126.                       Did you go with the responding ambulance to the hospital?

127.           Did you run that call?


128.           Have you ever first responded to a call (i.e. beaten the ambulance to scene in your car)?

129.                       More than 2 times in a 24 hour period?

130.                       More than 5 times in a 24 hour period?

131.                       More than 10 times in a 24 hour period?

132.                       More than 20 times in a 24 hour period?

133.                       More than 50 times in a 24 hour period?

134.                       Out of your district?

135.                       Out of your state?

136.                       Out of your mind?


137.           Have you ever driven an ambulance on a call?

138.                       Did you take EVOC (Emergency Vehicles Operators Course)?

139.                       Have you ever gotten into an accident while driving an agency vehicle?

140.                       Was it during a call when you were using lights and sirens?

141.           Did you blame it on the other vehicle involved?

142.                       Was the other vehicle involved an EMS / Emergency / Fire / Police vehicle?


143.           Ever had sex on an ambulance?

144.                       During a call?

145.           During a cardiac arrest?

146.                       While there was a patient on board?

147.                       With the patient?

148.           With a cardiac arrest patient?




149.           Do you have a pager?

150.                       More than 1?

151.                       More than 3?

152.                       For multiple agencies?

153.                       Does it stay on 24-7?


154.           Do you carry a CPR mask on your keychain?

155.           Do you carry a pair of gloves with you at all times?


156.           Do you know all the uniform radio signals for your area?

157.           Do you find yourself using them with non-EMS people who wouldn’t understand them?


158.           Are you certified in CPR?

159.           Are you certified in Standard First Aid (or higher)?

160.           Are you certified as an EMT-Basic (or higher) in your state?

161.                       In more than one state?

162.                       In more than 5 states?

163.           Are you certified as an EMT-Intermediate (or equivalent) (or higher) in you state?

164.           Are you certified as an EMT-Paramedic (or higher) in you state?

165.                       In more than one state?

166.           Are you Nationally Registered?

167.                       Has it helped you at all?


        Do you have the following certifications…

168.                       CPR Instructor?

169.           With more than one certifying agency (i.e. American Red Cross AND American Heart Association)?

170.                       ACLS?

171.                       PALS?

172.                       ATLS?

173.                       RN?

174.                       MD?

175.                       Ph.D.?



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