You Can't make this stuff up.

Me and my partner get called for a Diff Breathing at a house that a fight may be going on at.  So one of our BLS units backs us up.  We pull up and PD pulls up right behind us soon joined by 5 other units.  We enter the building.  We find a 15 year old who held his breath till he turned blue and the fight was a family dispute.  Since the Pt. is still violent 1 PD car remains.  After a few min their is a violent knocking at the door and PD goes to check it out.  The officer then screams back for us to move our buses, his car is on fire.  So we move the buses and I call it in to central:

Me: central can you send suppression we have an RMP on fire
Central: you have WHAT!!!
Me: an RMP on fire.
Central: you have an RMP on fire?
Me: Yes I have a cop car on fire would you send suppression already!

after Fire got there I remembered a old disposable camera I had tucked away in my bag and snapped these few pictures (yeah the quality is horrible but the camera was over 1 year old):


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