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To: All EMT's And Medics

From: Division supervisor

Subject: New ACR policies

Due to new edicts from the mayors office and pending lawsuits we will have to change the way we document ACR's.  I ask for your cooperation in this as the changes come from above me while I disagree with them I have little choice but to give in to political correctness run rampant.  Please adhere to the following changes:

1) Patients are no longer drunk, intoxicated, or inebriated.  Please document them as "Alcoholically Gifted".

2) You can no longer refer to patients as homeless, document their address as "Domicile Challenged"

3) Pt's do not have hallucinations from drug abuse they have "pharmaceutically enhanced vision"

4) There are no more RMA AMS's, patients refusing treatment are now "seeking alternative treatments"

5) Patients are no longer combative they "Physically assert themselves"

6) Patients are not emotionally disturbed, they are able to "view alternate realities", or "view reality differently"

7) Patients who are obese are  now 'mass gifted'

8)The patient didn't die, he failed to maximize his life's potential. Thanks Dale Adkerson, Supervisor Alva Ambulance Service

9)It is not a broken arm, it is a Painful swollen deformed extremity

10)Our patients are no longer juvenile, we actually have a reg that defines them as age deficient.

11) your example of political correctness run rampant submit here


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